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unit moebius
life mood 1-8 and remixes
silver recordings   1999
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silver recordings

album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 11-Jun-2000
there's something fascinating in pure simple rhythms delivered with persistent drive and force. I have noticed this phenomenon back on the first hypnoskull release where there was something captivating about repetitive straightforward beats. this effect was further explored by starfish pool, and finally unit moebius seems to summarize it all. this project is presenting you with minimal rhythms, built using the formula that employs monotonous percussion line as a background to countless variations that come and go throughout each track. you easily get captured by seemingly unchanging structure, while little subtleties of each passage manage to keep you interested.

hypnotizing techno is not striving for the aggression of hypnoskull or for some of the complexity or purity of starfish pool; it is not trying making the monotony the cornerstone of the music, rather using it as a glue that holds together progressions and changes on each track. the music is not falling into the easy-listening world of conventional techno keeping a slight mechanized and "experimental" edge, at the same time it is not pushing the limits, gently exploring structured percussion patterns.

this solid live set survived three re-releases and is cut-up into eight pieces with two additional remixes by starfish pool. at first I was quite surprised at how good this release turned out to be; I can see almost everyone gradually learn to enjoy nicely structured dynamic patterns that it has to offer.

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