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il tempo della locusta
black plagve   1999
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black plagve
lupo di ghiaccio "II" review

album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 22-Nov-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
"cazzodio" is a band from italy, and anyone that does not know italian would be delighted to learn that "cazzodio" stands for "cockgod" (if you go to the website you will notice "never write cazzodio on the envelope!" disclaimer below their mailing address).
cazzodio presents the listener with a collage of dark metallic percussion, overdriven synths and white noise. the result is a complex, extremely heavy structure of collapsing noises, disjointed rhythmic patterns and white noise filling the gaps and assaulting the ears. the "trademark" of cazzodio is peculiar "crunchiness" of its dense sound that together with other elements results in sharp and harsh sonic structures. occasional piercing analog bleeps or screams add even more intensity to the atmosphere.
ars moriendi contributes the vocals on two tracks; my favorites on the disk include "gabbia di ferro" - the voice emerging over the outbursts of static and loud ripping sounds; the track is extremely heavy and represents the band's sound at its best - dark and oppressive it rolls over you ripping and crushing everything in sight. "kale barroka" is slower and cleaner piece with pounding beats and more metallic percussion. the white noise is unleashed on the listener in strictly chosen quantities and appears only when it is necessary creating a more delicate (as delicate as it gets!) and ambient atmosphere.
it might be hard to listen to the whole album at one time because of its harshness and intensity (and absence of melody), but each song taken separately will please your delicate ears and leave you craving for more.

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