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oil 10
hymen   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 19-Jun-2000
French electronics musician Gilles Rossire entices our minds this time around with his third official release on the great technoid label Hymen. This beautiful 12" contains four nicely engaging tracks that prove to be quite unique in composition and very thematic to say the least.

The first song "the probe" pushes on consistent attacking rhythms that are simple but effective sound devices, which prepares us for the next brilliant song. "shadows in the sand" rises slowly with monolithic string phases that charge with intensity of the slowly pacing rhythms that is entangled by beautiful analog string progressions. It reminded me of early Tangerine Dream compositions, very nice to say the least.

We move to second side of the 12" with the spacey ambient technoid rhythms, static frequency charges and dirges of "the beast within." Simplistically cool. On the final song we engage the bouncy and very dirging and attacking rhythms of "infected", which keeps much in the spacey-feel as the other tracks; it's distant quasar effects, phases, shifting drones and paced progressions that leave us wanting to hear even more from this brilliant sound technician.

Overall this record is a fine combination of technoid textures, vast quantities of precisely manipulated analog treats scattered on top of upbeat electronics; little bleeps, tiny hisses, scratches, whirls are neatly arranged with rhythmic progressions, and the hypnotizing atmosphere of well-crafted unique sound is something you would find irresistible.

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