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massiv emulator
bastet   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by the black oil on 20-Jun-2000
Flowing symphonic melodies, evocative soundtrack-like atmospheres, and introspective beats sum up Ingosa, a new project from Bastet Recordings. Overall, the tracks here are well done, but there is definitely room for improvement in certain areas. One definite criticism I have is in the equipment used. At times, the electronics used seem rather cheesy and stale, particularly on the tracks "Lost Eye" and "Sunflower," conjuring up images of some low-budget B-flick. Not exactly a good thing. Also, a few of the tracks could use some more variation, perhaps some tempo changes or a change in movements here and there. Still, the majority of songs here are well written and arranged. For some reason, I keep thinking of how perfect a lot of these tracks would be for the soundtrack of some computer RPG game.

Highlights include: "Slow Win," with its dramatic, yet solemn synth passages, broken here and there by beautiful piano solos; "Arabon," which opens with distorted, Middle Eastern percussion reminiscent of Muslimgauze, and is gradually overlayed with a slew of bombastic electronic elements, giving the song a distinctive tribal feel; and the slowly building intensity of "Fourteenfour."

Despite a few flaws, "Massiv Emulator" is still a decent album of symphonic and light ambient sounds. Recommended for fans of Nightmare Lodge, In the Nursery, etc. As is standard for Bastet CDR releases, limited to 250 copies.

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