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black rain   2000
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"im visier"
"vierte version"
black rain
feindflug fanpage by zeldor666

album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 3-Jul-2000
seems like by now feindflug has finally established itself on the north american music scene. this highly awaited release comes a year after my first exposure to the band ("vierte version" was my first album), and listening to this ep I have to say that it has no surprises. this, of course, is both positive and negative. on one hand we have the same killer stomping ebm with heavy-as hell abrasive rhythmic patterns and militant progressions backed by loads of samples and synths, creating a contrast similar one used by suicide commando; on the other hand, the band is still locked within the style they have created.

it would be wrong to say that this album is identical to previous releases, somehow the band manages to create an impressive variety of songs based on the same music formula and almost same music elements; still the resulting mix is still very captivating and energetic.

almost every song on the album is flawless. my list of personal favorites starts with "bluthandwerk", that I spotted on "black rain II" compilation earlier. on this track the contrast between pumping militant percussion, compressed to impossible density, and creaking torn synthlines is irresistible. violence and intensity of this track is reaching the limits set by first two tracks - "2000" and "tötungsmaschine mensch" that both assault the listener with uncompromising ferocity. "erinnerung" gives us a little break with interesting combination of subtle percussion and folk-like melodic progressions. "b 66883" is next - it relies on processed guitar samples and steady fast-paced technoid beats to create a different kind of intensity, matching previous track. "vollstreckung" emphasizes guitar samples once again, venturing out into interesting percussion passages, eventually slowing down the pace towards epic "roter schnee" (judging by the samples mentioning stalingrad, I can see where this track is heading). this 11+ minute saga hypnotizes you with its persistent rhythm and softer quieter moments filled with rich strings and vocal samples.

"sterbehilfe" is nicely done, very professional and impressive release, and would undoubtedly appeal to anyone just discovering the band. if you have been following all the material released by feindflug, you quite possibly might find yourself looking for more variety.

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