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needle sharing
hands   1999
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 12-Jul-2000
my first exposure to needle sharing was "cave II" compilation where the band proved hands fascination with abrasive drum'n'bass projects. this 5-track vinyl came in simple envelope and one side is supposed to be played at 45 rpm, while another - at 33 rpm.

my favorites on this album undoubtedly include "slowmotion day" where fast-paced abrasive drum'n'bass immerses you in its turbulent motion. clashing percussion layers create dynamic dense sound, during quieter moments you can actually hear lonely synthline that before was hidden underneath furious percussion. pummeling chaotic beats evolve to a high-bpm pace towards the end. short darker atmospheric moments are swept away by dense percussion attacks.

"entertainment trap" is another favorite on this record. it teases the listener with clean beginning filled with simple loops and drum patterns that slowly evolve backed by guitar samples and random funky noises. towards the end this track becomes softer and more melodic; clean rich synthlines are used towards the end that remarkably mix with high-bpm rhythms.

somehow it seems appropriate to me to compare this release with recent "a shocking hobby" by speedy j. the latter used heavier and more chaotic percussion patterns, while needle sharing was more consistent and "conventional", if you wish, in their choice of percussion patterns. where "warez" lacks heaviness, it makes up for it with complexity and speed. it would be interesting to listen to those two releases together comparing different perspectives presented by both artists.

this project presents yet another view on conventional drum'n'bass arena together with other artists on hands and hymen labels. what sets it apart is relentless persistence of percussion that swirls, advances and chases itself constructing dense sonic patterns that range from darker and heavier soundscapes to something that could almost be labeled as "frivolous". "warez" should appeal to anyone that enjoys conventional drum'n'bass as well as those fond of rough breaks, sharp unexpected turns and abrasive rhythmic textures.

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