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atol scrap
din   1999
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 12-Jul-2000
This beautiful release will entice the minds introducing a new direction of ambience that will simply astonish fans of intelligent musical talents such as autechre, bola, & boards of canada. The resemblance in sound composing is very much the same as these artists, but with slightly different direction and mood.

Packed in a double paper sleeve with very nice design work, this release is a positive force in the field of intelligent ambient music for the mind. Composed by Uwe Zahn, we are introduced with an array of collapsing melodies, slow intersecting strings, erratic percussive elements, and elusive sound manipulations that bleed nicely into each other throughout this release. The compositions reminisce of old and forgotten memories of good and bad, leaving doors open for the future. Some of the tracks suck as "thaem nue", "scapen te", and "r/elet" evoke seasonal harmonies that give the mind a place of comfort and introspectiveness. Emotion is the key to this intelligent release; very nice.

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