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oil 10
noise museum   1999
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 12-Jul-2000
there is something fascinating about oil 10 sound. the band is using simple percussion elements that could be described as "technoid"; controlled feedback bursts, little noises, modulated analog bleeps and twitches, soft keys are added to the mix. each song is built around slow and heavy beats that drop and evolve creating a strange atmosphere that undoubtedly uses techno elements, but is slowed down to the point where you cannot classify the music as techno anymore. addition of distorted pulses and abrasive breaks pushes it to the experimental realm (or idm if you wish).

i found myself enjoying simple motives that for some reason reminded me of starfish pool or even *gasp* pan sonic. why? accentuating individual percussion elements, making pauses between the beats integral part of the music. minimal, precise, soft and edgy at the same time, filled with carefully planted analog treats, it has a unique atmosphere that i found quite captivating and interesting. darker mysterious landscapes with mechanized noises trade places with lighter and at times even funky tracks.

comparing oil 10 to material on u-tek or silver records, something that i have been listening to quite a lot lately, the similarities and differences are quite obvious. oil 10 explores the same realms, but approaches it from a different angle, emphasizing heavier, slower and more prominent percussion and managing to combine both harshness and gentle sides of the sound.

holding the same kind of spell that i discovered in unit moebius and celluloid mata, oil 10 (all three releases I have heard so far) has been in/out of my cd player for over a week now. this band is highly recommended to anyone that fancies monochromatic textures spiced up with a variety of technoid elements.

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