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cage decay
self-released   1999
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"radio penetration"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 17-Jul-2000
i have been listening to this album for about two months now and somehow i could not really form an opinion about it. first impression after initial introduction to it - good, damn good - explosive abrasive percussion tangled in technoid rhythms with spacey ambient passages adding atmospheric touch to the music. subtle noisy elements mixed with distinct yet very subdued tribal influences that take the music to a different dimension. overall this album is definitely an atmosphere-building work, unfolding dark passages that at times crush you with mechanized simplicity and later mesmerize with pulsating ambience filled with fading voices, screams and organic sounds. that ambience somehow fades out half way through the album and i feel my attention drifting away. for some reason this happens to me almost every time i listen to this disk. quite possibly this is lack of composition, when each track appears to be overly stretched pursuing same themes for far too long and lacking smooth transitions within the track itself.

it appears that the band shows its best side on rich atmospheric tracks, that unlike many of dark ambient bands out there have definite structure and direction, backing atmospheric sweeps and pulses with a backdrop of heavy sparse percussion or barbarian assault of lo-tek power electronics.

except for a few overly straightforward tracks that stand out too much to really hurt the album, "symbiosis" is a surprisingly strong release that came out of practically nowhere and had me addicted before long. it does take some time to get an idea of what the music is like, and one of the reasons it takes so long is the production of the album that could have been a lot more polished and complete. i am sure that if kevin potts polishes the sound of cage decay, taking out unnecessary elements and building more solid and cohesive sound, improving overall production, he will very soon be recognized and appraised by many.

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