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zoth ommog   1999
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 19-Jul-2000
peak is a recent signing of zoth ommog, an act that seems to be an attempt of zoth to jump on the noise bandwagon, betting on new genres trying to revitalize weakening lineup. I have heard peak on "not made by industry II" and "industrial frequencies 3", and finally I have the full length.

after initial listening to the album I was astonished by striking similarity to noisex of "ignarrogance" era. it is amazing how closely peak follows noisex with its punchy repetitive percussion that bounces throughout the whole track. presence of heavily distorted vocals on some tracks takes the similarities even further.

an initial disappointment was replaced by mild interest when I discovered that first two tracks provided some variation to the monotonous textures that seemed to dominate the album. opening track promises a lot with relentless steady percussion and nice tribal touch in the form of chanting voice and clean ethnic-sounding synth on the background. then for a few tracks we are treated with bouncy rhythms along the lines of "celluloid mata meets old noisex", where peak is almost loses my attention.

things pick up again starting with track eight where we encounter more variation with additional clean synths and torn soft keys that add some richness to the music, taking a step away from any traditional paths.

track 10 is a refreshing surprise that makes this album definitely worth listening to. interesting loops and chorus elements create a unique atmosphere pierced with heavily processed loops, distorted creaking percussion and nicely arranged pulses, heavy breaks and multitude of abrasive elements are contrasted by clean soaring parts that plunge into the depths of swirling dense pummeling percussion. the contrast with the first part of the album is amazing and makes me wonder if the rest was an old material that was rushed to be released in time. if this is the case, I cannot wait to hear more from this project.

if peak chooses the right direction with their future material, this act will be definitely something to look out for in nearest future.

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