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serious killer
flatline   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 30-Jul-2000
ever since “1920.00” entered my top 20 releases for 1999, I have been impatiently awaiting new material from the duo. I have enjoyed the direction noisex took recently trying to incorporate more genres in their music and moving into definite club-friendly direction maintaining intensity and harshness of old noisex.

I am so glad to see this sudden leap into new genres that started with “1920.00”. with this second album continuing this trend the duo is exploring other directions either slightly hinted by previous album or completely new for the band’s sound.

biggest surprises and most interesting tracks on the album are “you’re selling war” that mixes long killer speedcore (!) passages that are interrupted by spinning bizarre drum loops and harsh noisy percussion. tempo changes and twisted breaks and turns work surprisingly well together with pummeling percussion. where other bands might have produced a disarranged mix of overloaded music elements, the duo pulls off a solid and very interesting track that still has some older noisex elements left intact. while I found that majority of traditional speedcore artists have nothing to offer except for simple high-bpm sound, noisex uses speedcore merely as an underlying texture that is not the sole purpose of the track.

“elektrogott (perversion)” follows the same club-friendly pattern building on a steady beat with bits of interestingly processed vocal samples. aggressive trance-like sound of this track is continued with “the dj’z took pills” where heavy rolling breakbeats mix of heavily processed vocals and almost militant overall atmosphere. fast-paced and violent, this track somehow brings back electro/industrial memories transformed to the point where no recognition is possible and just the spirit is left intact. “mission of pain” is yet another revelation - I could not believe my ears when I heard this track for the first time - driving abrasive drum’n’bass with heavily distorted heavy beats, mixed with simple and gentle piano line and occasional moments of quiet grace with minimal keys and clean synths. driving, diverse and incredibly interesting, this by far is the furthest and most successful departure from the old sound.

hypnotizing and dense percussion more similar to older noisex was nicely transformed and brushed up on “serious killer”, “the job” and “steel age”; “roadrunner instrumental” is simple yet pleasant track with jumpy percussion and clean keys that almost scared me at first with overly lightly sound.

“dein leid” is the first introduction to new sound - bouncy simple percussion a la old noisex with a touch of digital hardcore is driving the track interrupted by bursts of crushing distorted loops with dropback of piercing noisy beats

“thin black line” is yet another of my favorites on “serious killer” after slow and funky start it breaks out into pummeling abrasive storm. small electro passages, small spinning loops trade places with fast-paced aggressive. it is the first track on the album that makes you gasp and hold your breath until it's over. minimal keyboard lines reminded of 1920 a little bit, and the contrast between them and main beat line was something similar to previous album as well.

very interesting and unexpected vocal processing is one of the new traits I encountered on this album. if you were missing goofy sound samples that gave “1920.00” an interesting edge, you will be delighted to hear a few on this album as well. yet another interesting characteristic is usage of strings - while on “1920.00” they appeared rather detached from the sound, contrasting the harshness of percussion, on “serious killer” they are blended into the music and give it more “solid” feel. overall, I was very impressed by the ability of the band to incorporate so many genres, styles and influences in one solid and incredibly interesting release. each track is a venture into a different genre with interesting and unusual arrangements at the same time keeping the old spirit of the band alive.

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