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decoded feedback
metropolis   1999
  see also
"reflect in silence"
"mechanical horizon"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 12-Aug-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
this is a remix cd that is definitely worth checking out. the disk starts with several new songs - "evolution", "endless light", "infect me", "bodies of seals", "frozen", "re-animation". they follow the same well-known decoded feedback style - repetitive simple danceable beats, clean sequences, growling vocals. the melody and the lyrics are quite nice and those songs are a good upbeat start for the disk. "evolution" is my favorite track here.
the remix part contains remix works by fictional, in strict confidence, aghast view, funker vogt, and din_fiv. my favorite mixes are bio-vital mix by fictional - it starts out almost as a synth-pop track and then progresses to a funker vogt-like sound. the song is great by itself, but fictional added some more layers to it and made even catchier and cleaner. aghast view presents a very nice stripped down, aggressive, and quite modified mix of "relic" (seems like aghast view is one of the best remixing bands around - they always deliver brilliant mixes that modify original songs quite a bit and present them from an entirely different perspective). remix of "breathe" by in strict confidence is quite nice: slow and elegant with clean nice sequencing and recognizable in strict confidence sound. funker vogt relies on its trademark beat (surprise, surprise!) in its remix of "bio-vital" making it a lot more straightforward. din_fiv remixes "relic" and makes it sound like xmtp at times ("facer"!). pretty interesting and dense sound with nice spacey beats. "frozen autumn cover version" is a nice treat with almost a synth-pop remix of bio-vital: gentle soft deep vocals, softer melody, and the voice actually _singing_.
altogether this is a very interesting disk that you should get even if you do not own the original "bio-vital". i liked this album more than the original "bio-vital" for its diversity

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