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god module
inception records   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 7-Aug-2000
I still cringe and shudder every time I hear the name of this band, just like with assemblage23, it is something that throws me off right away, casting a bad shadow on the music, and I need a long period of time to get adapted to it.

god module is coming from florida where they represent a new dark electro offspring; the duo has been recently signed by canadian inception records that seems to grow bigger and stronger with their second year on the music scene.

overall this album is an good debut for the band, that for now sticks to their interpretation of the popular motives and tunes that shaped electro scene in past few years. everything points to that - starting with the music that has a lot of compositional and technical resemblance to famous acts out there and continuing with the song lyrics, band name, etc.

majority of material on this album are solid tracks that are built upon stomping rhythms that undeniably point to most well-known pioneers of this style, that recently graced their fans with "maschine zeit." the band goes further and spices up their sound with nicely arranged melodic passages that at times take you to the realm of synth-pop, but never too far to lose initial militancy. certain melodic textures might remind you of decoded feedback or other famous dark electro icons.

I suppose that if I had no idea about the majority of the acts on the dark electro scene for past 2-3 years, I would enjoy this album a lot more, but since every single song is a skillful arrangement of the known elements already presented by someone else, I have to view this album as a display of definite composition talent that hopefully will find an interesting direction soon enough to escape all the influences and similarities mentioned above; the potential is definitely there.

some of the most impressive tracks are "illusion" - fluid, strong and straightforward track with nicely balanced vocals and percussion arrangements. "denial" with a nice arrangements of samples and clean pleasant melody.

if the band will start exploring new directions, building on the present strong foundation, they should be able to escape the common curse of one-time wonders or the bands that continue releasing slight variations of their debut release, only polished and marketed better.

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