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xxxd generation
unit   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 8-Aug-2000
PBR’s side label, unit, releases its first distinct compilation consisting of the label’s new artists and some well known innovators that have changed the face of what is known as power noise, dark ambient, and drum ‘n’ bass.

This compilation gives us a peak at some new interesting work from dj’s and some strong musicians such as goran besov from the megahertz label, tunnel from hymen, a new hypnoskull side-project entitled reset, voltaic, gridlock, and, of course, their brilliant side-project dryft!

Not enticed entirely by some of the new djs’ work, i can say that this cd is worth
having for all the bands’ tracks alone. Tunnel presents a nice driving track that uses various pulsating beat structures that pace on with the ever enticing vocals of meike m. It presents a lighter side of “darkbeat planet” sound focusing on less aggression and intensity.

Dryft delivers more stripped and isolated version of “end of the in” entitled “beginning of
the out.” This time around the abrasive beat structures are cleaned and sped up to erratic drum ‘n’ bass passages and the vocals and strings are detached throughout the song with additional melodic attacks and bass dirges.

DJ tron attacks the brain with fierce white noise phases that build with extreme intensity and lets go with pummeling punchy noise rhythms that are surrounded by a barrage of tweaked samples and voice manipulations. This track shows much promise for his upcoming release on this label. Patrick Steven’s new technoid noise project (reset) spins into bouncy and layered rhythms that pace nicely throughout presenting “reset backwards” as a definite new direction that fans of hypnoskull should enjoy. It is a nice complimentary track to recent release “icon cro2” ,which is highly recommended.

Voltaic gives us a nicely evolving track that continues with its sound displayed on previous works with alluring spacey intensity that swells with complexity of entangled melodic rhythms and light swirling sound frequencies. Gridlock presents a brilliant progressive step from their last release “further” with an enticingly beautiful and sensuous track entitled “edit397”. Complete isolationistic abysmal yet warm strings that fade into each other while later slowly contaminated with dangerous and focused percussive attacks. Makes the anticipation of the upcoming “trace” album even stronger!

On the next track “days like this” goran besov gives us a powerful and enlightening look into power rhythms that are assimilated with colossal warm strings that build to immense proportions. This is by far the best track from this ranged labelmate of klangstabil. Closing this cd bombardier presents a harsh panacea-esq track that assaults with destructive drum ‘n’ bass elements that are laced by a dirging bass melody and dense chameleon-like synthetic loops and phases.

Proving to show a strong foundation for many artists of this fairly new label, unit has definitely created a foundation for upcoming material from some of the most original and intelligent artists.

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