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bloodline   2000
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"bis der arzt kommt"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 7-Sep-2000
i am not really sure how to take this release. “bis der arzt kommt” single was simply excellent – a great blend of strong electro and softer synthpop. “kunststoff” was… nothing… nothing like the single – no edge, no cohesive tracks, no melody. technically it all seemed to be there, but each track had simply nothing to offer.

when I first got the cd, I kept fast forwarding it to the next track, thinking that this was simply not the right song. but nothing really changed – weak melodies, simple tracks, almost embarrassingly weak compositions, desperately jumping from weak 80s pop to somewhat electro feel. I have to say that this became one of the more anticipated and most disappointing releases of the summer (not bad of an accomplishment for a small upcoming band). I guess all I can do now is go back to my pile of iris eps and wait for new melotron and s.p.o.c.k.

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