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icon of coil
one nation under beat
tatra   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 7-Sep-2000
it is interesting to compare icon of coil to their label mates apoptygma berzerk. the roots of both bands are quite different with the latter coming from industrial scene while both icon of coil members came from metal and trance/club scene. surprisingly enough the current material of both projects seems to cover the same grounds.

opening track is a definite club hit with no surprises, definitely catchy and guaranteeing high-speed dance floor bliss. at first the lack of vocal processing and dominating vocals was quite bothersome, resulting in painful mesh flashbacks, but after few listens it somehow all came together. slow, more graceful ballad gives a nice breather before the onslaught of trancy mixes and high-bpm club-oriented hits. third track breaks out into great spacey trance passages with cut-up vocal samples completing solid well-arranged simple rhythms. apoptygma remix is quite enjoyable with its constant pulsing energy and sheer happiness emanating from the track.

overall this cd was at times a little too predictable for me, but apparently they do know their public very good and this is a well-done, polished and catchy material that undoubtedly will find its audience (which has been proved by current dac charts).

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