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ultra milkmaids
noise museum   1996
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 7-Sep-2000
somehow this short release strikes me as incredibly emotional, something that was absent from my first introduction to the band, "peps". deep wailing waves of strings, melancholic and elongated, they flow and flow casting its spell on the listener. the continuity and openness of sound, the simplicity and completeness immediately reminded me of tarkovsky's cinematography in "sacrifice."

unending synthline is leading the listener into the bleak world inhabited by darker atmospheric sweeps and small noises. the loneliness of "l.v." is almost frightening, the perfect isolation is slowly filling in with warmer strings and deeper atmospheric passages.

these two tracks complement each other perfectly building a unique harmony with very peculiar string elements that are replaced by echoing fading drops on "e.v." that bring back similar bleak atmosphere filled with fading vocal samples and slowly evolving atonal movements, appearing to be more "organic."

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