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suicide commando
dependent   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 12-Sep-2000
well, once again dependent proves to have a superior marketing machine – the tension is building, and the fans are being kept on their toes – second suicide commando single within a short period of time is meant to make the anticipation even more unbearable for the them.

with “hellraiser” johan affirms suicide commando’s new style – faster, more floor-oriented ebm with same vocal processing. obviously turn to a slightly new style would alienate some of the old fans of slow, heavy-as-hell, creaking, squealing and painfully abrasive ebm of suicide commando as we know it. i am still not sure whether I am one of those fans, or simply need some more time to adapt to this change.

“hellraiser” itself is delightfully fast and abrasive, but appears to me somewhat less heavy than previous material. vnv nation mix is simply killer – floor-oriented with clean keys and steady beat; the duo could not resist the temptation and threw in a minute-long “classic” vnv nation passage that had nothing to do with the track being remixed.

“fragment of torture” is slower, heavier and everything that I missed in the first track, with addition of clean synthlines. saturated heavy percussion and vocals are balanced almost too perfectly, losing the appealing rawness of early band’s sound.

the concluding track is yet another version of “hellraiser” – this time it is more “cleaned up” – snapping explosive percussion and overloaded crushing beats are contrasted by lighter keys; while it lacks the speed of the opening track, it makes up for it with the intensity and famous suicide commando contrast between softer keys and heavy percussion.

perfect production, polished sound and careful market placement might have conquered mass audience, but at the same time some of the initial originality might have been lost; but this is something that everyone should experience for themselves.

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