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decoded feedback
reflect in silence
metropolis   2000
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"mechanical horizon"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 12-Sep-2000
I have always said that in most cases, it does not matter what techniques the band have been using to create their material, the final result is what really matters. decoded feedback has always pleased me with a nice balance of traditional, yet well-placed musical elements that came together in perfect harmony.

every previous album had a few truly enjoyable songs with dark contagious rhythms and pleasant synthlines backed by nicely distorted vocals. it has been said that the first impression is the right one; while this has been proved wrong by many albums I have listened to, in this case it appears to be true. from the very first track I could not get into this album. all the elements seemed to be in place, but somehow it just didn’t “click” completely; “reflect in silence” is definitely catchy, but its spell wears off way too fast.

and right now I am not entirely sure, without listening to previous releases, whether it is something the band has missed, or it is something that I have lost that allowed me to enjoy their material before. after some analysis I can say that it seems like decoded feedback decided to try out some of the latest vnv-inspired pseudo-synthpop craze with its overly smooth melodies and danceable textures (most obvious it is on “alpha mix” of the title track); the next thing I have noticed was vocal processing – I have always liked old-school yet very fitting vocals of decoded feedback, but apparently on this disk it is something that the band decided to change. bad choice. in this case deviation from well-worn path proved to be disastrous, breaking the tracks apart.

all in all, after I have played the album a few times, I still could not get into it. at this point I am ready to set it off for a while and come back to it later to verify my initial disappointment. I still recommend you check this album out, either if you were an old fan of the duo, or if you are into latest synth-pop/trance side of electro.

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