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ultra milkmaids
taÔlem   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 14-Sep-2000
this a collection of eight tracks taken from various limited tapes, a 7", a live performance, and one rarity, all from 1995-1997; remastered in 1999 at the milkie center, the three brothers, Y.O.R. bring us a nice variety or insightful arrangements for the mind.

we are given nostalgic sensibilities through the light drifting atmospheres and colossal string harmonies of "every time/love time" from late 1996. On the next track, "lou (part 2)", distant shadowy and luminous strings submerge wavelengths recreating lost memories of the things forgotten. the gateways of "yorjc jyrpurporoc" opens your psyche to encounter the abysmal depths of the subconscious and explore regions within; a very insightful and hypnotic track that utilizes cold and bleak distant atmospheres.

"trouble time" induces you with recycling and far-away rhythms that you never seem to touch. track five, "nemer", brings another dark and luminous edge to the UM sound with higher pitched strings that slowly collide. "ma baker" gives us a very deep and dense atmospheres that slowly creep up on us with and yet still seem to remain distant.

"hey:jam" captures soft rhythms that are overlaid by the warm atmospheres and an occasional subtle synthetic elements and small repeating samples that add nicely to a different stage of sound for UM. "chickens" within track seven, gives us a nice cold and bleak ending to this beautiful group of UM material. I highly recommend looking into this, especially if you are a fan of any ultra milkmaids material.

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