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ultra milkmaids
mort aux vaches
staalplaat   1997
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 14-Sep-2000
Packaged in a unique pin-closure spin sleeve, this four track release was performed by Y.R. on september 6, 1997 for VPRO radio 5. It presents more disjointed, outlandish side of, an obscure noir edge of UM sound.

The "intro" piece quietly leads us into this set with distant and shallow jingles and phases, leading us to the echoing drops and subtle synthetic drones and light reversed string attacks on "data."

On "dipr/renes 4" we are enticed with the more familiar UM sound of bleak luminous drones that are assisted by Klood on the first part. On the second part we encounter the lost atmospheres of distant life forces with a recycled spiraling rhythms that are sluggishly engaged with derelict emerging drones, strings, and quick synthetics.

On track four (“vor”) we move into familiar beloved somber UM style that contains a distant ghostly sample that emerge to the forefront and back again into the shadows. On the second part of this track, "juble 2" we a surrounded by the sounds of nature combined with the distant and warm drones UM is so well known for. Maybe it is the emergence of the next civilization, but it is only for you to find out.

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