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low profile darkness
position chrome   1997
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 27-Sep-2000
in the light of upcoming squaremeter releases, I thought it would be appropriate to dig up some older panacea classics for the sake of comparing squaremeter that tends to pursue avant-garde conceptualism requiring heavy dose of intellectual involvement with instant appeal of early panacea.

and here we are - "low profile darkness" - one of the earliest and most favorable for many work of panacea. overall impression - darker than "twisted designz", heavier and more formulaic, following drum&bass standards, that fortunately are used merely as convenient boundaries for the music format. healthy dose of distorted beats with deep dark basslines that are more aggressive, noisier and varied than conventional drum&bass.

something i have not noticed on "twisted designz" was funky hip-hop overtones that came out so painfully obvious later on "phoenix metabolism." interestingly enough, they work out perfectly on "vip torture"; reduced to bare minimum, contrasting powerful bass-filed drive of the track with raw power of rhythmic cut-up vocal samples. this combination proved incredibly powerful on this song, and I can see where an attempt was made to repeat the effect on "phoenix metabolism" that turned out to be a bad combination of poorly structured tracks with overdose of rapping.

distorted crunchiness of "I'm losing u," incredibly dark atmospheric parts of "the day after" intensified by clashes of overloaded drum&bass pulses transforms into a bit repetitive and predictable energy of "tron tmx" and "hellbringer" followed by bombastic "shiver" that keeps up with the standards of the genre. refined combination of distant cold atmospheric sweeps and twisted beat textures is reached on "stormbringer."

altogether, this is a killer album even nowadays, and while I still favor "twisted designz" more for cleaner, better arranged sound, "low profile darkness" definitely makes up for it with its richness, darkness and heaviness. I can only imagine how this disk was taken back when it was first released; now it can be taken as an album setting standards for the genre.

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