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stratvm terror
genetic implosion
old europa café   2000
  see also
"pain implantations"
"pariah demise"

album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 27-Sep-2000
stratvm terror creates a balance in peter andersson's personality; his power electronics project focuses on shock value, intensity and heaviness that characterize this genre; it became an outlet for those feelings that could not find their place in refined cold orchestrations of raison d'etre, nor in organic minimalism of necrophorus and other projects.

somehow this album in particular does not seem to possess the intensity and depth "pariah demise" had. when I first heard "pariah demise", I was simply blown away by its explosive sickening energy, the sound mercilessly crushing the listener, plowing through again and again through the remnants of consciousness.

"genetic implosion" is quieter and more "stretched," continuing the trend hinted by "pain implantations". tracks like "uranium", "loco penis", "static systematic cloning" are filled with small drones, cold minimal pulses lacking ferocity and intensity that I was expecting. "cox" is very indicative of this sound - it is a drowning liquid mass with mechanized background noises, and slowly building structure behind it. there is an impression of rising intensity and every moment you expect something to happen, but nothing does and the track slowly fades away.

"bleeding" actually rises to my expectations - rich saturated static, deep mechanized drones, clashing frequencies, random squeals create an uneasy tension and oppressive atmosphere that is so familiar to any power electronics addict.

corroded and monotonous "worms" continues in the same vein of traditional power electronics with violent darker pulses overlaid with outbursts of processed vocal samples. this track is a lot colder, more inhuman than the majority of material in the genre (that sounds downright childish at times). however there is certain hatred and aggression hidden within the vibrating sound layers.

as opposed to bands like slogun and some earlier italian material, this album is more distant and cold; a definite benefit in my eyes. i suppose absence of distorted screams replaced here by sparse and heavily processed vocals is a big plus.

overall, I found that the second part of the disk was a lot more enjoyable as opposed to overly "flat" sound of the opening tracks. few live songs at the end of the album complete this disk with more "spacey" sound (if it is appropriate to say so speaking about power electronics).

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