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hands   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 29-Oct-2000
rhythmic noise and hyperkinetic drive of sina could not escape comparisons with tunnel (or more technoid reset for that matter), the only other band I am aware of that is working that closely in the same genre with added female touch. I do have to say that after a little while sina displays a lot more variety and drive than tunnel. it is heavier, at times actually has somewhat intelligible lyrics that are delivered in the same heavily processed female vocals as tunnel.

the beats are punchy and almost groovy at times (as on psycho-bitch mix of “can’t stop your mind”). the heaviness is best displayed on “dying sun” with its high-bpm acceleration backed by chaotic screams and noisy background – definitely one of my favorites on the record. this track stands out for its focused speedcore assault and abrasive noisecore edge. this track goes well together with “ball of war” – an explosive mass of rolling, corroded processed percussion bouncing off the walls with remarkable intensity.

it is amazing how addictive and powerful are these seemingly simple tracks. female vocals definitely adds a nice touch to the music, while persistent powerful rhythms possess heaviness and diversity that tunnel lacks. sina seems to be more emotional, mixing in a healthy dose of aggression into its material, at the same it sounds like sina is having fun with the music, playing with rhythms, noises and effects, something that adds a lot to the atmosphere created by the band.

it would be interesting to compare sina’s full length album on hands with upcoming tunnel full-length. it makes me wonder how both bands view each others material. altogether, like with any other hands material, this is something that fans of more technoid music styles should miss.

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