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gridlock vs. o2
gridlock vs. o2
unit   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 29-Oct-2000; last updated on 30-Oct-2000 by anton
seems like this year has been incredibly productive for gridlock duo. I can only speculate about the source of booming creativity of the band that seems to be timed with their move away from paws of corporate metropolis records to more progressive and focused unit.
compilation appearances, remixes, recent dryft release as well as 5.25 stellar design efforts prove gridlock's incredible growth potential and talent in blending so many musical influences in one unique style.
this short 7" is a split between gridlock and o2, mike well's own project. ".0001" by o2 is simply stunning. this incredibly emotional melodic track is built with deep strings, small pops, clicks and noises. its mystery, clarity and "open" cinematic sound immediately reminded me of bola.
so many little elements that seems to be random, are carefully placed together; its visual spacey sound could only be compared to minimal delicacy of arovane and warm yet so distant and mysterious bola. both comparisons are the closest I could come up with (I did need a reference point, the only excuse I have for making any comparisons). as opposed to bola, ".0001" is more cinematic and diverse, building a perfect harmony with what seems to be almost transparent fragile texture.
the effect of this o2 track is so similar to the impression "soup" by bola had on me, when I simply could not stop listening to that cd, coming back to it for weeks and weeks.
the composition of gridlock's "ck 36:6:115" is something I always appreciated the band for - it's completely unpredictable. starting off with a slow, elegant floating piece that goes well with o2's track, it slowly builds a richer melody with trickling beats, little noises, that lead you even closer, uncovering more of the mysterious nature of the track. and then it all explodes with a spectacular crescendo of compressed percussion that does not overshadow gorgeous melody. this delicate balance of power and elegancy carries to the end of the track.
I did not want to sound overly excited about this release, so I took my time trying to get somewhat a perspective on it, but it turned out to be almost impossible - each time I listen to those short two tracks, I get completely enveloped in their rich atmosphere. I can only imagine how much of an impact "trace" would make, since it appears that this is the direction gridlock duo is moving in.

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