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gioco bambino
megahertz   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 30-Oct-2000; last updated on 31-Oct-2000 by anton
born out of spark of conceptualism, nurtured in the atmosphere of plain old fun, generously fed with experimentation and creativity, this album evolved to become quite a character. I have already gotten used to the haywire electronics of the duo, so the sound of "gioco bambino" was not a surprise. more surprising was the media used. a gameboy has served as a sound (and probably inspiration) source for this release. this bizarre reincarnation of the simple toy, a strange mix of playful yet dangerously sharp and mechanized sounds is an interesting concept open for many interpretations.

the atmosphere of this release is constantly changing – from warm analog bubble bath to almost power electronics-inspired static collages, from isolated minimal pan sonic sounding experimentations to almost melodic rich textures.

looped low-fi analog bleeps, rhythmic pulses, plenty of elongated atonal lines open the cd. heavier percussion drones appear for a few seconds, darker abrasive slides give way to pure analog bliss. behind hurting splinters and protruding spikes there’s depth and certain volatile mood that is hard to capture in words. the music is playful, very mechanized and flowery, strangely rich considering the primitivism of building blocks. with every song being completely unexpected, it is not chaotic, nor it is overly pretentious.

out of steadily repeating loops and small, cut-up, crunchy noises rises warm and fuzzy, almost melodic mass that could spark colorful memories of funk, glamorous 80s, or experimental avant-garde of idm. all of those would be just a momentary image that is swept away the very next moment by almost menacing heavy drop of percussion on "tartaruga intelligente" or abrasive mass of corroded static on "un testardo rumoroso."

the video game theme that seems to be the first and the most apparent one never occurs to me; this release is too rich and unexpected to fit within the boundaries of a predefined character and plot developments of a game. the album appears to be vivid documentary of a world of toys abandoned and evolving on their own, intriguing, playing, exploring the isolated microcosm around them, carefully extending their reach. they are playful yet often concealing bold curiosity and at times even threatening force behind the friendly mask. the outcome of each little episode in their lives is unpredictable, leaving it up to the listener to interpret the resulting music theme.

I am not sure if my perception of klangstabil’s music has changed since I have heard their earlier material, but this release is indeed the richest and most interesting work they have done to date in the genre of experimental electronic music.

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