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ah cama-sotz
spectre   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 13-Nov-2000
this release seems to be dedicated to the fate of submarines, or the humans that had to live and often die in them. released on spectre, it reminds me of kraken's "aquanaut," possessing the same liquid dark atmosphere, but with a better orchestration and more mechanized touch. blue vinyl only enhances the experience.

from the first moments ("u-boot theme", "deep inferno") this record immerses you in deep gloomy world of cold marine depths where small mechanized drones strive to break through the liquid cold mass. on some of the tracks warmer drones almost playfully caress the freezing mind ("fate"). beautiful strings and somewhat lighter, open textures completely mesmerize you on "u-68," one of the most emotional pieces on this record. the balance of cold inhuman forces and organic human presence is what makes this record so fascinating.

the release as a whole is lacking any percussion with occasional breaks and heavier drones building the intensity. at the same time there's a lot of stuff going on as liquid masses move, shift and chaotic elements bubble up through the sound layers; the overall mood is very visual and amazingly rich, suggesting multiple interpretations and building vivid imagery, emotionally involving the listener.

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