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quartered void
loki   1999
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"crackling of the anonymous"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 13-Nov-2000
as a part of preparation for the upcoming "achtung amerika!" festival I dug up a copy of inade's "quartered void" vinyl. the picture disk contains two tracks and has been recorded during 1997-1998.

"crackling void" opens with slow evolving structure build upon sparse drops of hollow pulses and distant ethereal chant-like noises. it paints a bleak mysterious landscape where amongst the deserted structures exist a shadow of time, focused on the memories and remnants of the past. the track is more introspective and quiet than usual suffocating menacing environment created by the band.

"quartered conclusion" seems to have awaken the demons that release sliding frequencies and break the quiet atmosphere established by the previous track.

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