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hidden room/murmur
bats & cats   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 13-Nov-2000
this is a new project of dr. blood of ah cama-sotz, dealing with dark ritual side of the ambient genre. both tracks, "hidden room" and "murmur" are a lot noisier and more overloaded (not to say cluttered) than usual ah cama-sotz material. as a result, they are not as immediately captivating and rich as, for instance, "u-boot."

"hidden room" opens up with overloaded mass of confused noises with small strings and disappearing chants mixed with vocal samples; all this is buried deep underneath the noisy mass and only towards the end of the track it slowly emerges from heavy mass of static supported by sparse beat. this is where the track finally comes together - distant female chant is glowing through the layered static while sparse steady percussion.

"murmur" features a heavy breathing mechanized organism that serves as a background to more ritualistic samples and chants. the track slowly arrives to the point where more elements appear in the mix, just to quickly fade away; slowed down and sinister vocal processing adds an interesting touch to the whole track.

overall, I cannot say that it is a distinct new direction or that it is a superior herman's work, but a few moments at the end of "hidden room" as well as some atmospheric movements contrasting dark churning mass on "murmur" is what makes this ultra-rare record (limited to 207 copies) worth getting.

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