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font translation errors
mad monkey records   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 13-Nov-2000
neutral is the creative outlet of nicole elmer of new orleans; the music on the "font translation errors" could be described as a healthy mix of idm, breakbeats and some industrial glued together with an impressive talent for melody and composition. at first I was a little discouraged by its initial similarity to squarepusher and some other acts in the same vein, but towards the end of the album I grew to like rich melodies that balanced deep powerful strings and erratic percussion in such a nice a pleasant way that little omissions and occasional overly familiar pieces did not bother me at all.

from almost industrial distorted rhythms of "blue paper" the album gradually moves into a nice direction that seamlessly mixes very strong string and melodic elements together with interesting bouncy percussion. at times overly funky (or plain funny) elements did distract my attention, but I managed to set them aside and instead enjoy very spacey tracks that bring out the best in this artist.

I did feel that some of the tracks were a little confused at times, lacking strong "personal" direction. however, its chaotic, even confusing nature is what makes it interesting at the end. overall, I was quite impressed with "font transation errors" and would definitely recommend it to any fan of melodic idm or simply good eletronica. this is the third release from mad monkey records, and hopefully there will be more release from this artist (and this label) in the same vein.

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