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needle sharing vs. squaremeter
mono brutal
hands   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 15-Nov-2000
when I first heard about this split between squaremeter and needle sharing, I could not believe that two so different artists could actually work on each others material. it was not even possible to adequately compare sparse minimal clicks and pulses of squaremeter and pounding drum&bass-powered force of needle sharing. the only hope I had that this time squaremeter would revert back to old days of panacea and work along with needle sharing in this genre.

but surprisingly enough, it all worked out quite well and I found myself enjoying the squaremeter side more than needle sharing side. I still cannot grasp the reason why it happened, and why I gradually grew to like (the word "grow" is quite indicative of the effect this kind of music has on me) highly unusual digital ambience of squaremeter.

quite possibly panacea's contribution to "architecttura" series suggested a different perspective on his music - avant-garde fascination with sound, divided into small building blocks that form a structure that exists outside of the boundaries of common dimensions. but these are merely theories, and I still cannot explain my growing fascination.

squaremeter side consists of three tracks that seem to be a little more consistent and actually could be called "tracks." all three feature constant background humming with clicks, cuts, bleeps, short static outbursts and other sparse, isolated, short yet perfected noises arranged on top. somewhere in the middle of the first track it suddenly started sounding like most ambient parts of pan sonic, retaining peculiar stop-motion animation feel. this found reference point helped me out through the rest of the needle sharing side.

needle sharing side is continuing to explore their version of industrialized drum&bass with heavy slow percussion that steadily develops throughout the song, often interrupted and broken. drilling noises, clicks, bleeps, corroded squeals are thrown into the mix adding a squaremeter touch to the tracks.

overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this release, that delivered a lot more than I expected. time to listen to more squaremeter…

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