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nocturnal gates of incidence
loki   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 22-Nov-2000
this album is yet another reminder of how much we all missed, when predominance cancelled their "achtung amerika!" appearance. ever since "hindenburg" (that I kept coming back to every month or so for quite a long time), I found something fascinating in their blend of dark ambient, that also incorporated some rhythmic elements, vocals and samples, that essentially allowed it to step out of the strict genre boundaries, creating a style of its own.

this disk, as it was the case with "hindenburg," is dedicated to exploring a single topic. this time it is linking the stars and constellations with earth's past and the future. one of my favorite tracks here is "aurora borealis." spoken word, delivered in a clean voice, rises through the dark mass that fills that emptiness; the poetic lines are accompanied by beautiful simple strings, creating a distinct atmosphere, that seems to be characteristic for the band. the same mood is constructed on "if the last star burns out," where spoken word enhances the track dramatically.

slow crashes, sparse drops of percussion cannot stop a fading sonar-sounding signal from reaching its destination; the feeling of isolation and loneliness is overwhelming, at the same time, there is a warm and hopeful touch.

predominance opens vast landscapes with a bleak light from the setting sun, it attempts to explore and open new dimensions, instead of suffocating and dominating the listener. vocals and string elements add an emotional touch to the band's sound. "hindenburg" dealt with our terror and helplessness (and, possibly, fascination) in front of catastrophes, this time around the subject is more abstract and mysterious. I wish I had a chance to experience their performance on the board of the ship that hosted "achtung amerika!" this is when "hindenburg" material would have been simply stunning (only if ah cama-sotz "u-boot" could be heard there!).

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