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unclean spirit
tf   1999

album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 28-Nov-2000
Consisting of LBRF's, IDT's, murderous vision's Stephen Petrus and Crionic Mind's Scott Candy together these two create some lo-fi and cold distraught atmospheres that again remind me of earlier CMI work. Much more thick and static-driven textures reminiscent of some TRONIKS artists which provide a nice combined effect with the eerie strings and haunting currents that unfold and develop within each piece. Some tracks such as "poison control" utilize distant percussive aspects, cycling atmospheres, and various subtle but effective sampled dirges and drones. Others, such as "hacking the root," bombard you with scourges of various overlaid and claustrophobic drones that are engaged with subtle but menacing assaults. Azoikum presents charred and opaque walls of lo-fi textures ending this release, using this album as source material. This is an interesting dark noisy ambient of a different standard.

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