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boards of canada
in a beautiful place out in the country
warp   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 4-Dec-2000
this small single was one of most awaited releases for me this fall. I have always enjoyed masterful compositions and powerful moods built by boards of canada. when I would get tired from experimentalism and conceptualism of other music genres, its simplicity and elegance would always be there for me.

opening "kid for a day" is a slow dreamy piece where the melody is self-absorbed and moves steadily along the drops of laid-back simple percussion. atonal motives and dreamy little keys build soft and foggy ambiance. whispering waves of static and hushed atmospheric sweeps slowly move on the background. every once in a while the melody moves into an open passage with lighter strings and even more soft analog sounds. if you pay some attention to the song's title you should be able to use this track as a nice introspective mirror that will allow you to look into your own past with a hint of nostalgia.

gorgeous simple analog strings start out "amo bishop roden" with small sparkling percussion scattered on top of them. a little later firm sparse beats offer a contrasting touch balancing out and enhancing the appeal of the mellow atmosphere. this track is very "open" and calm, suggesting a vast landscape under the soft colors of a glowing twilight sky right after the sunset. it appears to be a lot more dreamy and more abstract than previous composition.

out of the small laughter grows a melody in "in a beautiful place out in the country." reluctant simple percussion is accompanied with beautiful strings. nice fading processed vocals adds a very peculiar touch to the music, mixing very well into overall toned-down pastel atmosphere.

closing "zoetrope" doesn't have any strings and only mellow keys attempt to create a simple harmony. like a shimmering spring rain it falls down and breaks into myriad small noises.

as usual, this is beautifully executed, simple and very addictive release. boards of canada does not try to impress you with ingenious percussion loops or bizarre noises and interesting sounds. harmony, timeless elegance and charming simplicity is what makes their music an unforgettable experience.

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