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lusine icl
zealectronic blue
zealectronic   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 5-Dec-2000
zealectronic is a small label that also features lilienthal, recently appeared on "md1" compilation on n5md, as well as upcoming 7" release by sybarite. this label is focused on releasing exclusive limited-edition material from idm/electronica artists.

these two lusine icl tracks are both balancing between atonal atmospheric textures and more percussion-oriented soft electronica. opening "rush hour" starts off with familiar rotating, fading atonal string mixed with small precise percussion loops. the track slowly moves forward combining a few more analog keys that gradually find their place in the simple unchanging melody. the monotonous part quiets down and the beats fade away, giving way for a new wave that enters with surprisingly strong compressed crashes and more dramatic analog keys. it builds up, making the second part of the track a slightly less melodic but definitely more emotional and enjoyable piece. small bleeps and analog tweaked string return at the end.

"dovetail" has an exotic beginning with somewhat oriental-sounding percussion loops and little noises, bells and gentle keys on top of all that. the same persistent and slowly building feel is present here, but little melodies develop all the time, seemingly independent from the rest of the track. the music seems to play around, diverging, wandering off and then returning back. echoing toned-down beats, stretched-out atonal sliding noises, ehcoing distant melodic touches, plenty of acoustic analog sounds, miniature skips and little atonal shifts create a very fragile and warm atmosphere. the texture of the track subtly changes, being both intricate and hypnotizing, soothing and unpredictably volatile.

what makes lusine icl so addictive is jeff mcilwain's ability to arrange perfectly a very diverse mixture of many simple patterns. the sounds that lusine icl uses are what makes their music truly unique and unforgettable. plenty of soft acoustic elements are mixed with processed recycled noises, skips, bleeps, loops and simple percussion. the result is refined and very unique sound that you would easily recognize after you have heard at least one lusine icl track.

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