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num num
unknown sources
toytronic   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 12-Dec-2000
num num is one of the first records that I heard from toytronic. this small label with only a handful of releases under its belt (five so far and couple more on their way) has gained a lot of recognition for the stellar quality of its musical output. every single release (including two very diverse compilations) is probably among the best idm material I have heard.

this small num num vinyl is a second release for toytronic and showcases the best features of the idm genre. all three tracks sparkle with romantic melodies that are filled with 80s splendor and deep melodic content. at the same time intricate beats weave a careful yet firm texture on the background.

"south quay" is probably the best combination of glowing laid-back synths in the best 80s style and echoing, erupting, pulsing accents of firm percussion. small vocal samples add a nicely mysterious touch to the simple yet very harmonious atmosphere.

opening "hi-num" is filled with simple analog melodies and high synthlines. this retro touch is combined with glistening fountain of percussion that stutters, erupts and swirls. the beats are crunchy and almost playful, yet the tracks is never too light, maintaining a perfect balance between intricate percussion and warm melodic aspects.

from the very first moments "if q was h" sounded so familiarů there was something in this echoing beautiful melody that reminded me of something I have heard before. and then it hit me - skylash; the same building melodic touches were thrown throughout "empyreal day dreams", except that this time they are backed by small swirling percussion that makes the whole track more "crunchy." maybe this unusual similarity along with the nature of the track itself make it my favorite on this record.

what I enjoy about toytronic material is its atmosphere that is warm, but never overly sweet, funky or cheesy, keeping a perfect balance between soft melodies and intricate, at times edgy, percussion. after hearing a good deal of similar material, I can finally go back to beefcake and identify some of the similarities, establishing the references that before were impossible.

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2 comments total; last posted on 19-Nov-2002 07:51
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    excellent release (178 characters)
    by zyria on 15-Jan-2001 10:34I've heard this release too and think it's wonderful. Num Num reminds me of a more melodic version of Autechre at times. Very beautiful and soothing music. Check it out for sure.

    re: excellent release (188 characters)
    by nordsmanE ( on 19-Nov-2002 07:51i want to connect with someone that can find a way to get this release in my hands. money is not so much an object. i turn this to the gods.


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