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2nd gen
position chrome   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 15-Dec-2000
I have got my hands on this release for various reasons - first, it is on position chrome, the label that I have been following for quite a while now (mostly "hit" than "miss" most of the times); second, disorder is a side project of panacea. each of those reasons would have been enough by itself.

given recent panacea's creative range, that spans pure heavy drum&bass of early years, brief (thank god!) trashy hip-hop influenced period, current fascination with digital minimalism ("sinecore" and other squaremeter-related material) and even dark ambient textures (kopyright liberation"), this release fills yet another void. the easiest definition would be "commercial" prettied-up version of early panacea. funky, groovy, full of almost cheesy chorus samples and hip-hop screams, this is a collaboration with problem child (although both of them collaborated on only two tracks, the rest is panacea only).

I can only wonder whether this is an effort to replenish the funds depleted by recent car wreck and venture into more experimental music world, or if this is an honest attempt to write more acceptable music that has an edge, but at the same time has necessary "funkiness" and cheesiness to appeal to the crowd. or maybe it is a continuation of the "recycling" approach (think "14id1610s"), when pop, r&b, hip-hop and even old panacea himself are processed, sampled, taken apart and rebuilt again. personally, I favor the latter, viewing this album as an impressive venture into the world of current mass media, presenting a snapshot of tv/videogame/pop culture framed in an attractive drum&bass package.

even if it was an attempt for the "commercial" sound, the talent still shows through, I guess it is something you cannot sell out completely. the tracks are almost a guilty pleasure to listen to, no amount of intellectual nitpicking can completely eliminate the "cheesiness," but at the same time they are damn addictive and well-composed. ambient textures, plenty of varied loops, familiar abrasiveness and monumental nature of breaks and beats (that did become a lot faster and lighter), heavy bassliness is something I simply cannot resist. the drive, the force, the energy behind the music is still old panacea that is richer, maybe more "polished". I guess I have to hide this album and never play it to anyone or publicly admit that I like it; at the same continue to listen to it for hours, just like I have been for past few weeks.

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