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area to area
toytronic   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 16-Jan-2001
multiplex has been around for a few years, and this latest release is the first on toytronic records. as you might have guessed, the band is working in idm genre, managing to add its own distinctive touch to familiar idm motives.

one of the things you notice about multiplex style is extensive use of samplers and especially vocal samples. this is something that I have not heard too much in the idm genre, quite in contrast to dark electro. two sides of this vinyl are somewhat different stylistically. one is exploring complex percussion structures, collapsing, unstable beat patters, while another focuses more on melody and emotion, using simpler beats and more atmospheric elements.

my favorite tracks on this release, "caps lock" and "velocity mind" come from the second part of this vinyl. cautious melody enters slowly but soon enough it envelopes and intrigues you with its mysterious movements. percussion layers are more transparent and they gradually move, tightening up the fabric of the track. soft vocal samples fill up meaningful pauses between melodic movements, building up tention before the tracks break out again. those pauses are full of small tangled noises and strange samples that add a nice mechanized touch to the track.

at one point "caps lock" reminded me of skylash; the mood and some of the composition were somewhat similar. this is a very far-fetched analogy, but once I got it into my head, I cannot seem to get rid of it.

couple of tracks on second side are pure ambient with softer elongated string movements, quite a contrast to playful tracks on the first side. the album starts with "area to area" filled with atonal bleeps, small noises and gentle keys. both "gravity x" and "system 7.9" follow the same lines building intricate sound layers, pausing every once in a while before the next sound wave.

gimmik remixed "compuphonic" on this release, and this track deserves a special mention. it has an amazing romantic videogame feel; it is both an excellent sonic candy where tangled mass of percussion is almost tangible in its liveliness, backed by solid deep melodic line.

overall, this is yet another impressive release put out by this label, this is a definite requirement after you have picked up all toytronic compilations.

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