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architects and murderers
dragon flight recordings   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 18-Jan-2001
"vedisni" has been released a few months ago on dragon flight recordings, the label that has brought us ls-ttl, as all die/veinke split, "the cold, the silent" compilation. my favorite release so far from this label was "gathering composed thoughts" by necrophorus. and now it's vedisni. it follows the direction chose by the label, that so far included a mix of dark caustic ambient, cold organic soundscapes and occasional power electronics.

this mix of mechanized dark ambient and power electronics is what makes this album stand out. the first track, "fnord. as gift" is the best on this cd. it has the most emotion, especially during violent power electronic outbursts. it starts, however with uneasy dark ambient textures that slowly evolve to noisy splashes. this mix of dark ambient and noise is what saves this cd from the fate of many of its peers in both genres that get stuck in the same style. just before it becomes too monotonous, it changes styles and keeps you on your toes.

it would have been a very interesting release, but first track is the only one that grabs my attention. in both genres the band seems to touch grounds, but does it so half-heartedly that it never manages to create true, powerful emotions. its power electronics is just not as violent and its dark ambient is not as layered, nor it is as deep and cinematic. good and very, very promising elements are present on each track, but the promise is never completely fulfilled.

I wish there were more different sounds used, as well as different approaches to composition. I craved for heavier sound, more abrasive crashes and breaks; there could have been more engaging deep string elements and better composed and thought-out ambient parts.

other promising track is "driven east like anothers' menace." it starts as a cold minimal ambient with strangely distant strings and minimal percussion elements. that bleakness never escapes it. there are too many raw sounds that have been put together somewhat haphazardly. the track almost becomes monumental, but never gets there, almost as if teasing you. all the required elements seem to be present, but the atmosphere is just not there. a nice touch is an addition of corroded humming waves of the background that keep reminding you of power electronics nature of other tracks.

the rest of the tracks on the cd are a little less quiet as the closing track, and follow the general direction of caustic dark ambient with noisy undertones.

overall it appears that the band never had enough material for the whole album, that's why so many tracks are appearing as overly stretched out. if all the good ideas were compressed down, the result might have been completely different. but once again, maybe I just have been listening to too much yen pox lately, and this tends to set your standards too high.

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