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funker vogt
bloodline   2001
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"maschine zeit"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 27-Jan-2001
I am not even sure why am I reviewing this cd, maybe it is a tribute to "t" double cd I have never had the courage to mention, or maybe it is something stirred up by "counterbalance" compilation released by inception records. anyway, this is a short cdm, a follow-up to "t", where this track has originally appeared. I suppose this is where funker vogt undertakes the themes of virtual reality and cyberspace in their usual straightforward manner. multi-user edit is the heaviest of all, possessing a nice melodic touch that occasionally surfaces up on funker vogt tracks. video edit is more lightweight and fast-paced, losing all the good points mentioned above. connected mix is my favorite with a good balance of heavier beats, lack of vocals and generally more danceable sound. I do have to admit that the track is catchy and for those of you able to get past the lyrics and cliché sound (established by the band itself and now coming back to haunt it), it might possess even more appeal.
all in all, if I wanted something as pumping and upbeat as funker vogt without all its corny sides, I would probably go for god module or any of the bands on "counterbalance" compilation mentioned above. I wonder how much longer funker vogt can come up with the same old material. they did have their high time in the past, but now their followers do a much better job, which makes me wonder when the band will attempt to step down gracefully.

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