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pan sonic
mute   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 30-Jan-2001
I actually have read a review of "aaltopiiri" in a local newspaper a few days ago, the funny thing, it was similar to my initial review of first pan sonic that got into my hands. but it's been a while since then, and this time I knew what to expect. with this album the band steps out of traditional pan sonic format and uses a little more variety, both stylistically and sound-wise.
once again, this is the music for the late night sound purists, it is perfect for introvert escapists seeking pure enjoyment in crisp, refined, transparent sounds. this time around, there is less of techno background and more ambiance. strings and frequencies are utilized to add some depth and mysterious touch to the music. it is not just the pure sound collage anymore, in addition to familiar humming and cut-up bleeps, there are strange drawn-out noises, at times even heavy rhythmic beats, or semblance of simple melody built upon sonar-like pulses. it could be just me getting used to its sound, but it appears that this album is more cohesive and smooth that previous material. there is a strange harmony that establishes this album as a whole, something that other artists in the genre fail to achieve.
one of the things I have noticed right away, directly relates to "broader" sound of pan sonic. once they leave the niche they have carefully crafted for themselves and where they are established masters, they are out against the whole world where competition in the genre of minimal noisy soundscapes is quiet fierce, and for anyone familiar with this genre the entrance of pan sonic will be unnoticed.
even though at times I realize that once the first "shock value" of this sound has worn off, there is not much that remains interesting in it for the wide audience, and there probably are quite a few bands that do the same thing, I still fall for charisma of pan sonic. be it the consistent style, the packaging, the mysterious and eclectic aura, the myths and air of reverence that has always surrounded the band, or simply a blind personal preference - no matter what it is, I find its sound absolutely perfect for late nights, when the mind is unusually focused on every peculiarity of the sound and thoughts drift unrestrained by abstract nature of music.

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    pan sonic sound (4173 characters)
    by terminus ( on 2-Jun-2002 00:27Ilpo Vaisanen

    (or a free essay about pan sonic sound)

    It's a little bit strange that Pan Sonic are pretty much famous around the world but the music they make is so distant from all kinds of commercial music. Besides that, Mika and Ilpo still enjoy the respect of many differen kinds of people no matter where those people live, what they do or how old are they. The reason for that is simply Pan Sonic music and sound. Pan Sonic music is actually sound. As a band and as musicia...

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