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unquiet void
between twilights
middle pillar   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 31-Jan-2001
from the very first moments the sound of this cd captured my attention. I have previously heard the unquiet void on alterculture label sampler, where it turned out to be the most impressive track. and now it is a full-length album, probably the most impressive material from middle pillar in the longest time.
the press-release describes this cd as "celestial ambient", and the ambient part is definitely true. the music is filled with gorgeous strings that create a truly symphonic feel. deep atmospheric sweeps are incredibly beautiful and a lot lighter than majority of ambient material I have heard lately. lush string arrangements are backed by sparse percussion touches that at times resembles heavy hydraulics breathing, or caustic rhythmic drops. for the most part strings dominate the music, but as the album moves forward, exploring different moods emerging between twilight and dawn, we are presented with almost tribal percussion flavor on "the dreaming begins", later on everything quiets down as we enter melancholic and peaceful "sea of serenity".
no matter how beautiful the strings and distant choirs are, on almost every track there is something lurking in the shadows. this mysterious and at times menacing feel enriches the atmosphere of every track.
for a while I was searching for an appropriate comparison for the sound of "between twilights", and the closest I could come up with was latest predominance. both releases seem to explore the same territory, but unquiet void is more epic, its sound is more organic, and infinitely more beautiful, lacking some of the darker aspects of predominance. at the same it uses some of the percussion, stepping on the grounds of more rhythmic ambient.
something that i could not help noticing on this album was somewhat predictable structure of string elements that come in succeeding sweeping waves. after a while (after you notice this pattern) it might become somewhat bothersome, but it is merely a personal preference and it never overshadows the amazing atmosphere of this release.

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