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dub   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 31-Jan-2001
funckarama's "parts" has been released by dub, a label that started out as a local rotterdam effort, and later on expanded to include an impressive lineup of artists.

after very first minutes of this album I could not stop listening to it. it is a perfect headphones music that fills up all the space and time you give it. funckarama has its own style characterized by tough breakbeats shaping the rhythmic drive of the music, supported by myriad of small noises and beats that trickle, play and develop on their own. all of this is held together by deep melancholic strings that are infinitely beautiful and add a timeless, distant touch to the music.

at times this release did remind me of better quench (which also had a few releases on dub) moments, it has similar unpredictable, abrupt feel that comes from sporadic percussion breaks and abrasive broken beats. this is where the comparison ends, because quench is a lot more mechanized, working towards intellectual appeal, as opposed to funckarama's emotional touch.

you have to follow each track closely. intricate percussion layers collide and break transforming into a fountain of gentle keys and pulsating percussion splinters. they move around, carefully shaping a beautiful melody that is always sensuous and yet possesses a strong abrasive feel. comparing it with other idm material, you will immediately notice how perfectly balanced the sound is it never becomes too soft and playful, never too mechanized and rigid, never too minimal and never disjointed. each track manages to achieve depth and density, something I can dare comparing to complexity of autechre and melody of boards of canada.

all in all, this is an exquisite sonic candy that I have been enjoying for past few days, and I am looking forward to getting more material from this label.

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