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din   1998
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 15-Feb-2001
this vinyl is the first official release of arovane. it shines with its own idm flavor that just a few years later came to be recognized and followed by many. over the months of listening to this release and at the same time going through a lot of idm material, I have rediscovered a lot of arovane's sound, starting to appreciate it more and more first unconsciously, and later identifying certain favorite elements in the band's sound.

I suppose the best thing about this album is its atmosphere – open, laid-back, amazingly peaceful and cohesive. it does not sparkle with intricate playful percussion, nor does it fascinate with sweet melodies. it is more somber, melancholic, maintaining the balance between warm tidal waves of strings, soft keys and constant echoing percussion layers. its randomness, almost organic unpredictability is mixed with a sense of direction and impressive fluidity.

the music is a lot "deeper" than that of genre counterparts. at times it is almost cinematic, yet percussion never lets it stray too far, gently contouring rich string elements. on closing "andar" its heavy drops contrast melancholic keyboard lines. on previous tracks it adds similar unique touch with fading, irregular drops that at the same time are supported by constantly pulsating technoid percussion.

compared with later work, this album is more abstract, less suggestive. this very purity and therefore versatility combined with excellent technique and composition is what makes this record such a wonderful experience. as with most of ambient material it requires an appropriate mindset and attention, but I am sure this music can be appreciated on many levels and not only by methodic audiophiles.

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