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smell   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 24-Feb-2001
this llips album is something that does not seem to occupy too much of your attention, at the same time keeping you listening to it again and again. its atmosphere is soft, somewhat melancholic and bleak, the very same qualities that make it captivating. I find its simplicity and drawn-out, elongated sound a nice blend between organic and mechanized elements. they are joined by barely recognizable touches of acoustic guitar and occasional electronic percussion intervention. smoothed by atonal touches and pulsating textures it forms an interesting sound collage.

the record works similar to ultra milkmaids, or maybe even lusine icl, focusing more on deeper atmospheric elements. it makes a point of building tangible landscapes out of multitude of floating strings intertwined with small percussion touches and acoustic guitar pieces.

the album leaves an interesting feeling of unsettled desire, strange unfocused longing, caught in the musical form. it soothes and provokes at the same time, leaving a mixed feeling. at times the acoustic elements are a little overbearing, stripped of supporting strings and random elements, but for the most part it really is a truly enjoyable record.

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