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kit clayton
nek sanalet
~scape   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 24-Feb-2001
kit clayton has been around for a while, creating music that falls somewhere close to atonal minimal textures of arovane. its sound is a downtempo enveloping mass that slowly evolves with minimal techno percussion and soft electronica touches. it appears to be a little more varied than arovane, featuring some acoustic elements as well as random noises, resonating frequencies and traditional "marble in a jar" sonic exercises.

it is hard to identify exactly the atmosphere of this album - underlying constant pulsing and melancholic strings are present on each track overlayed with many sonic elements that at times are a little too familiar, rarely sparkling with unique twist or unexpected sound. and I guess this is how the whole album goes - a nice soothing floating atmosphere that is pleasant to listen to, but never rising above that, never sparkling with more distinct emotions or moods.

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