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hands   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 27-Feb-2001
this s.i.n.a. album is lots of fun – high-bpm pummeling danceable rhythms, nicely shaped heavy percussion drops – lots of treats for any rhythm&noise addict. looking back at the bands that preceded s.i.n.a. in the genre, I can say that this album has incorporated the best elements that hypnoskull/sonar/etc dwelled on for years. and instead of grim minimal determination of the latter, s.i.n.a. goes for more appealing mix of technoid rhythms and crunchy abrasive textures.

I guess at some point I became a little hesitant to rave about this album, since it is so easily acceptable and so damn catchy. it might become a little repetitive after a few listens, but overall it manages to combine many nice sonic elements with constant all-out violence. as with previous s.i.n.a efforts, the vocals is distorted female screaming/spoken word that most of the time works nicely with the aggressive nature of the music.

I guess I can recommend this album to anyone that while listening to ion cro or sona eact wished it was heavier and more varied while keeping the same bpm count, something that would be close to “death time” by converter, and yet be unique enough.

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