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a great day to get even
cold meat industry   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 27-Feb-2001
this release by institut is a surprising outfit for cold meat industry that usually does not treat its listeners with rhythmic power electronics. “a great day to get even” is quite strong collage of dense noisy textures and corroded mechanized noises. rhythmic abrasive crashes are closer to raw sound textures of earlier sonar, while drony dense power electronic textures add grainy, sickening feel to the music.

overall I was pleasantly surprised with this release that turned out to be a good combination of density and aggression, combining all the good elements of heavy rhythmic workout (that is intentionally monotonous) and gritty corroded textures. at times a screaming vocals kicks in, but I personally prefer vocal samples that are used more often throughout the album and generally seem to fit the music better.

I wish this release used more random percussion elements, emphasizing their heaviness, instead of pursuing monotonous rhythms. the latter approach seems to dominate this album, occasionally changing towards more sporadic and violent atmosphere.

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