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german engineering
position chrome   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 9-Mar-2001
I was curious to see what panacea would come up with on this album. on one hand, I did not expect much after his hip hop escapades on recent albums, at the same time I was quite impressed with very mature squaremeter releases.
the cover of the cd was yet another case when the personality of the musician interfered with the music. what could you expect from a cd where its creator is plastered all over the cover in all his macho splendor. I have to say I liked his music more when he was overweight pissed-off individual throwing raw sound storm in your face, as opposed to bad german version of a ghetto kid posing with his shiny new porsche.
but in this case it turned out there was not much musical content to interfere with. few music pieces are scattered between cut-up conversations before and after shows and parties, soundchecks, etc. those music tracks are energetic and polished, yet all sound alike, lacking raw power and anger of early panacea. they hit closer to clean yet very poppy sound of disorder with r&b-like (?) backing vocals and plenty of cheesy elements.
this disk is nothing more than a tribute to old panacea (presence of "torture" and "stormbringer" only confirms that). it might help panacea purchase yet another Porsche instead of the old one, but I doubt it will have any reasonable value beyond that.

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    poo's n wees (93 characters)
    by k5k ( on 7-Jan-2002 00:17this rekid ain't too hot at all..
    anyone wanna swap my copy fr somethin ? anythin ? pleeze ?