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brighter death now
cold meat industry   2001
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"why never again!"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 9-Mar-2001
except for "innerwar". I was never really impressed with any other brighter death now album. of course "innerwar" is not usual bdn style, but its sheer aggression and shattering heaviness made it one of my favorite albums in this style.
I didn't really expect much from "obsessis", and although a witty cover makes a nice contrast with the music, there is nothing else to attract my attention to this album. "obsessis" is long, repetitive and, yawn, ...boring. every track drags on forever, never breaking out of the same repetitive pattern that is never heavy enough, never violent enough, never intense enough. it is simply... boring. seems like power electronics flagship has lost its steam and rolls downhill timidly banging on things and occasionally screaming out in boredom.
if you crank the sound really loud, you might get some depth and intensity out of it (especially on the tracks like "mothers and daughters" or "hipp hipp"), but overall it fades away leaving no trace. even if the intent was to create oppressive drony ambient-like atmosphere, it has failed as well. I am not sure how devoted fans of bdn will take this album (especially considering the fact that deutsch nepal's lina b doll is featured on one of the tracks), but I would rather listen to their labelmates institut.

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